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Take a seat. Clean up your mess. In fact, you might want to reverse the order of those things. As long as you get them both done.

You should know that you may be within the vicinity of a local celebrity. Not that I like to spoil the surprise but the recent release of Dylan Moran’s newest DVD, ‘Off The Hook’, contains a very special treat for everyone. The main performance was recorded in London. The DVD, however, contains additional material that was recorded at The Stand in Newcastle upon Tyne.

If you listen very carefully you can make out two people laughing very loudly at the ensuing comedy. Audrey ‘Piledriver Transmission Cupcake’ J clocks in with two mighty guffaws and there’s an extended chuckle of chortles from Emma ‘Bat Pan Mants’ M. My laugh, sadly, was not robust enough to make the cut and therefore you will not be able to hear the lovechild of Frank Bruno, Jimmy Carr and Eddie Murphy tittering away in the background.

14 comments on “Claim to Fame

  • This is amazing and exciting. I’ve never been so close to knowing someone famous before. Has it gone to Em’s head or can you still call her without first speaking to her agent?

  • My laugh is usually kept under lock and key for special occasions. Waivers have to be signed before you hear the wonders of the ever changing, hooting, tigger-like laughter that even snigger in places.
    Safe to say I hide under the duvet everytime someone new hears it.

  • I’m surprised they let you into the gig with a duvet. They’re normally fussy about that kind of thing.

  • I’m surprised anyone else was laughing at all after you held up the gig for two hours getting everyone in the audience to sign waivers.

  • Yeah. Quavers are a bastard to sign. Biros won’t work on them but the ink from a marker pen bleeds and makes the signature indistinct.

  • I once wrote a letter to Tony Blair using my foot. That it all #rememberingisfun

  • I was about to write my third and fourth but you rudely interrupted my funky flow.

  • I’m a bit concerned about the number of questions you’re asking. It leaves no room for replies. I don’t think I want to live in that world.

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