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Last week I was having a nose around a shop full of old bits and pieces when this absolute gem of a book caught my eye. And it was only a fiver! I couldn’t believe nobody had snapped it up.

I’ve never been particularly fashionable, but believe me I am now. My new all-knitted wardrobe of highly fashionable black clothes with brightly coloured puffed up armbands and collars is turning heads wherever I go.

If you’d like me to knit you something beautiful to wear, just say the word and I’ll pick you a pattern out of the book.

10 comments on “My new hobby

  • This is on trend with you recent jumper obsession, I’m fully expecting to see you in this number on our next Winston.

  • I am delighted to confirm that there is no end to my never-ending talents, as implied in the name, and furthermore there is also no end to my never-ending knitwear collection.

  • I like the idea of an infinite jumper. More jumper is constantly being added at one end, and I just move through to new clean areas as the old bits get soiled.

  • This font likes messing with your head because an ‘r’ and an ‘n’ next to each other looks the same as an ‘m’. So something as simple as ‘porn’ could easily be ‘pom’ and we’d never know.

  • You’re right, and it’s the number one thing preventing this website from becoming wildly popular with a following in the millions. I can’t see any other reason why we’re not yet one of the world’s major media empires.

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