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On 16 September, Ian wrote:

“I think the only thing you can do then is upload a video of you eating a pizza as though it is the first time you’ve ever done it.”

I am not a man to deny the people their wish.

13 comments on “Pizza

  • This it how i am going to eat all pizzas from now on. Like a giant half moon toastie.

    I am concerned however as to what you were sneaking off to do with the pizza after you had bitten a hole in the middle of it…?

  • I ate it in secret under the bedcovers, in case its owner returned and came looking for it.

    I am concerned that your first thought on seeing a partially eaten pizza is how to make love to it.

  • A slip of the tongue? Guilty conscious? Eminem? Slim Shady. Slim Jim. Big Frank.

    And that’s how you go from obscene activities with food to Chris’ dad in six easy steps.

  • So… So what you’re saying is to have another go?

  • I watched this and enjoyed every moment more than I was hoping for.

    The close-ups were the best (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)

  • Whhhheeeeeeeeeyyy! (what?)

    I’m a bit disappointed that it took you ten days to find two minutes to watch this, but overall pleased that anybody watched it at all.

  • I am also disappointed how long it took me to watch this. I will therefore be instilling a self punishment of no weasel-stretching for the next three weeks.

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