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You can imagine the scene, can’t you?

There I was, minding my own business, asking for a very simple birthday present when I was told, of all people, me, yes I know, that I wasn’t posh enough. The present in question was an afternoon with the very lovely Jeany Spark, an actress so lovely that I lost several pairs of eyes when watching her on my recent re-run of hilarious chortle-fest ‘Man Down’ because the loveliness overwhelmingly blinded me. I take eyes very seriously but I was willing to lose them for her.

So you can imagine my predicament, mainly because I have just explained the whole thing. I am not the kind of person who will take a glove slap in the face and walk away from it. With my trusty photographer in tow (that’ll be Master Reuben), I set out to show the world how posh I really am and when you see the results I expect you will know exactly what I mean.

Rather than clog the whole post up, I’ve used the modern facilities and supped the photos into an album which you should (should!) be able to view whenever you want.

12 comments on “Posh Outrage

  • Look at you, shouting at your tiny sieve! How posh.

    (You hadn’t published the album. I did it for you mate. #matesquared)

  • I’d say that album conveys a sense of advancing age and constipation, rather than poshness.

    But you do have a tiny sieve, so……

  • These pictures are magnificent, as is your posh costume. What I’m less sure about is the facial expressions that you seem to associate with poshness, which seem to lie somewhere between “Fred Dibnah” and “trying to push out a difficult fart”.

  • It was SUPER expensive. He had to sell eight hundred geese to get the house in the first place, the house that he traded for the monocle. It’s a thing people did back in the day. I don’t know, I wasn’t there but I read it in a “book”.

  • I did once invest in a time machine so I could send the joy of my books back into the past so previous generations could enjoy my wonderful words of wisdom, for a premium price of course.

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