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I don’t have a saga.

I checked, all over in fact and there’s nothing there that constitutes as or has the brevity to be classed as anything close to a saga. With this in mind then I have injected a brief sojourn into annoyance with 100% pure drama to jushe… to shudje… to make it much more appealing.

I turned the tap on and the hot water wouldn’t go down the plughole. Nightmare. It wasn’t so long ago that I’d poured a bottle of something or other down there to clear the pipes and now the pipes weren’t playing ball. I needed to turn up the heat on this and I wasn’t going down without a fight. This fight, however, would have to wait until morning.

The next day I took a short trip over to the B&Q website to secure some supplies. All I wanted was a sink plunger and some more sink un-blocker, preferably a different make from the one I’d already used (you ain’t countin’ me out as a fool twice in the same year, sucker). The plunger I wanted, however, was an online purchase item only, delivery in five days; that ain’t helping anyone because this mother needed unblocking today. Nightmare. I’d have to go with my second choice. Wham, bosch, straight to the checkout and my click and collect would be ready in an hour.

Ten minutes later though my dog and bone was ringing off the hook from a local number. I pick it up and the more important of the two items, the plunger, is out of stock at the store I chose. Nightmare. Did I want the other thing? Nah pet, cancel the whole thing. Cancel it all. If I’m sorting this mother out then I guess I’m doing it on my own.

What about my £12.65 though? I had to wait a whole some hours before it arrived back in my bank account the same day. I don’t have time to waste, I’ve got a blocked sink here!

Time to use my initiative, which is dangerous at the desk of times. The only tool I had at my disposal which was likely to get through the holes in the plug strainer thing was a cable tie. With trepidation I lowered the tie down the hole not expecting anything to happen. Wham, bosch, suddenly the blockage was gone and the water drained away like a champ. Whatever was down there could not take the strain of my force and it was gone daddy gone. Wham.

I’d wasted a good 45 minutes on this whole affair and I am glad that it’s chuffing over. Nightmare.

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  • Mate. I had no idea. I am so very, genuinely “sorry” for this “saga” you’ve been through. What a “nightmare”.

  • Thanks mate lad boy. I needed that. It has been a trying time for everyone involved. I’m glad it’s over now and I can return to the perils of deciding what to eat and where to walk on my lunchbreak. Nightmare.

  • It’s the least I can do, top mate fella me lad old bean. If it was such a terrible blockage that only a gentle poke with a cable tie would shift it then you’re lucky to have come through this horror show unscathed.

  • Unscatched. The memory of the nightmare will long stay with me after the water washes away. I wake up during the night sometimes, sweat adorning my brow, wondering how I managed to make it through.

  • It’s no wonder. You lost 45 minutes of your life to this horrific incident, not to mention having £12.65 out of your bank account for a few hours and making a cable tie a bit dirty. There’s probably a helpline for this stuff, you should google it.

  • It would need to be a very specific helpline. You know what, I’ll start it myself, get it up and running and then when I’ve hired a few staff I can call for the help I need.

  • Thanks mate #matesquared

    I can always count on your to point me in the right direction. Do you need a job? The helpline will need some phone leadership. You’ve been on a phone,. right?

  • I have extensive experience of phones. I have:
    – Been on a phone
    – Been near a phone
    – Answered phone calls
    – Ignored phone calls
    – Typed 5138008 into a phone so it says “boobies” upside down

    I await my contract of employment in the post.

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