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Today I’m suffering the sun guilt. It’s a condition I first identified last year, and while I haven’t been able to cure myself of it, having a diagnosis is definitely helping.

This is what happens.

You get a sunny day, like today for example. It was 25 degrees here, clear blue skies, sunny, a gentle breeze to take the heat off – just beautiful. It’s been like this for a few days, but I was at work then, and today is a day off. Today is my day off and it’s a sunny, beautiful day. And that’s when the sun guilt strikes.

The sun guilt says: you missed all that nice weather while you were at work. But you’re not at work today. You should do something with it. It would be a waste not to do something with it. But my plans today don’t involve lazing around on a beach, or having a barbecue in the garden I don’t have, or playing beach volleyball with some Brazilians. I have other stuff to do. Non-sunny stuff. And then I feel guilty for wasting the sunny day.

What I realised last year was that actually I’m not very good at sunny days. I get sunburnt easily and hot weather makes me tired and sweaty and I’d always rather be in the shade. Sunny weather is wasted on me. I have to accept that it’s OK not to be doing sunny things just because it’s sunny. I have a life to live and sunny days are wasted on me anyway.

But this is the first one of the year and I’m having a pretty hard time with the sun guilt all the same.

18 comments on “Sun Guilt

  • It’s nothing to worry about. Great Britain has a surplus of sunny days stored up during the recent pissy weather so you will have plenty of time to “get out there and do things”. We may also be owed some from abroad too as the exchange rate has been in our favour for the last 12 weeks.

  • According to the Daily Mail, all the foreigners have been sending our sunny days back home to their families in bongo-bongo land. It’s disgraceful when hard working people like yourself cant get any sun. Even if you don’t want it.

  • But I CAN get the sun, that’s the problem. There was lots of it. There was no problem with availability of sun. No, this is my problem, and your kind offer to blame it all on foreigners is a good idea but it’s not going to work.

    By the way, welcome to Pouring Beans! Always nice to see a new face joining us.

  • Yes, the doors are always open for the general public to offer their five cents about the this and the that. Shame the same can’t be said for the Character Hatch (TM).

    Last weekend I did both whereby I spent one day all day outside and spent one day all day inside. It was a nice balance and despite discovering several insect bites on my neck and arm, presumably from being outside, I still did not regret my decision. Neither should you.

  • That IS a nice balance. I should try nice balances like that.

    Let’s not bring the Character Hatch (TM) into this. It’s safely restrained in the Has Beans department of this website and as long as we don’t attract its attention we’ll be safe over here on the New Beans. Let’s have no more lifting of that particular skirt.

  • You REMEMBERED! You hated that expression yet you’re the one who brought it back. Next you’ll be making references to a certain sweet someone.

    I always knew you had a soft spot for all of these flaps I keep coming up with.

  • Are you sure that a certain someone’s own skirt hasn’t been lifted in the meantime?

  • Nobody wants to see the contents of a certain sweet someone’s skirt flaps. I think that particular sweet someone should be confined to the Character Hatch(TM) with all the others.

  • Trouble is, to get her in there we have to go back into the Old Beans and then actually open the Character Hatch (TM). I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned that thing is locked for a good reason and opening it is a big risk. What if one of them escapes?

    Stick her down there if you want but I’m not volunteering to slide back the bolts.

  • If it’s a volunteer you’re looking for then I’ll happily put myself forward but you both wouldn’t trust me not to cause merry havoc. What a conundrum.

  • YOU, as in YOU, are banned from going anywhere near this particular hatch. It could only lead to doom and disaster.

  • Badoom. That’s the noise bad doom makes as it’s making bad doom happen. True story.

  • He’s clearly grooming some cats. Is that the noise when you groom cats? Don’t they want to run away?

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