20 comments on “Essex Highway

  • It’s a thing!
    We did it!
    Craig David!
    Seven Days!
    No awards!
    But it’s done!

  • What as in you want to do more or that it’s the best thing we’ve done in over five years?

  • More THINGS? We still have the Rapples EP and the Papples Christmas EP on the cards. Bear in mind these are flimsy cards and not always ones that you could set a watch to.

    There’s always mine and Reuben’s side project but that too is audible rather than visual.

  • Audible is good. Let’s have lots of audible. But let’s also not wait another five years before doing more visible.

  • Visible is harder than audisible but I’m sure we can crack off something eye-wise again soon.

  • I’m not cracking, I’m cracking them off. There’s a subtle difference there.

  • I don’t know but for some reason I’m getting flashbacks to the Justin Timberlax song from Nish 2. And you in me mum’s cellar flashing your watch at the camera.

  • Is it like that song but instead we Crack On, Crack In, Crack Out?

  • That’s cracking. You’ve cracked me up. Crackerjack!

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