Avatar The manliest night of my life

A couple of weeks ago I had a whole new experience. Ian, long-haired co-conspirator here on the Beans, accompanied me to a pub where football was showing. Together we drank beer and looked at a small part of the TV screen that was visible where we were sitting, and talked about football and women. At times we said swear words. It was easily the manliest thing I’ve ever done.

After we left the pub, we accidentally sat on some slugs on a wet bench and recorded a moving musical tribute to the missing third member of The Beans.

Here it is, in full.

15 comments on “The manliest night of my life

  • Anyone who says those pauses are because we were drunk and unprepared are LIARS I tell you, LIARS!

  • Yeah. They are part of our artistic interpretation of the piece. Nothing was left to chance. Except where we sat, and the fact that we sat on a load of slugs.

  • I just hope Mr Chang appreciates the effort that we went to. If he’s listening.

  • You don’t do something like this hoping that Chang will appreciate it. He’s like the Queen. You don’t give the Queen something she’ll actually use, you give her a symbolic offering, a token of your servitude, and she nods politely and it goes in the Royal cupboard. It’s the same with Chang. He’ll take the song, it’ll be recorded as a humble offering from his loyal servants, but it’s too much to hope he will actually like it.

  • Right… so what you’re saying is that he would like more songs to have the words changed to incorporate his name and then sung down the phone to him at some ungodly hour of the morning?

  • Even though Chang initially was disgusted with our efforts?

  • Chang the Merciless smiles upon your efforts. Well done.

    (Don’t leave me Chang-ing on the telephone, don’t leave me Chang-ing on the te-le-pho-one)

  • I am so glad that Chang has been appeased.

    (Don’t leave the Chang on for me, I’ll be there before you close the door to give you all the Chang that you neeeeeeeeeeed…)

  • Chang Karaoke?

    (Walk like a Chang, talk like a Chang, walk like a Chang my son)

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