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It has now been many months since we last saw The Book, and understandably all those of us who care deeply about it are becoming concerned for its safety.

Today, Pouring Beans launches a major publicity campaign to alert the British public to the plight of The Book in the hope of seeing it safely returned home. We are now less than ten pages from the end and with a concerted effort the whole damn thing could be finished and out of our lives by Christmas. Isn’t that something we all want to see?



Last seen: at Kev’s house, awaiting another page of the story

Age: Knocking on for eight bloody years old

Reward: An end to being nagged about it

If you have any information about the whereabouts of The Book, or if you can disclose the identity of the person who is currently detaining it, call the Beans Helpline on 0800-HURRY-UP-KEV.

15 comments on “A desperate plea

  • I don’t have any information regarding the book, but I’m pretty sure you cannot put “and end” to the nagging. Perhaps you mean “an end”?

  • Yes, yes he is. He said to pass on the following message,


  • Ha! Trust He-Man to deploy his catchphrase at a time like this. You know what they say – He-Man is as He-Man does.

  • All you need to know is that whatever happens, He-Man has your back. He’s even a guarantor for Kev’s mortgage.

  • I think he’s also doing the Great North Run, dressed as Skeletor, with a chaise lounge strapped to his back.

  • I think, when you peel back the edges of his muscular physique and examine the details of his wellbeing, both as a figure of pop culture and hero to millions, that you could very well describe him as a “ledge”.

  • He’s the he-est He-Ledge I’ve ever known. I’m glad he’s on our side. Did you hear what he did to SC Johnson when he found out about Shake ‘n’ Vac?

  • MAINLY because I don’t know. But if I did know you would know. You know?

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