Avatar Pointless Purchases of the last Six Months

I mean, come on now. There was no way that I could keep purchasing things that I couldn’t use nor needed in any particular way. This blatant frivolity had to stop at some point and that point is now.

That is until after this post. This will represent the last of the ‘Pointless Purchases’ posts because what with having a car now and being a proper human, I mean adult, I don’t have any spare money to be frittering away on unopened video games, no matter how much they’ll fetch in a couple of years time. It’s best to go out with a bang though; give ’em something to remember you with.


So here’s what you’ve been waiting for; amiibos. Nintendo’s controversial answer to Skylanders and Disney Infinity which would take too long to explain all the why’s and the how’s. I own 22 of them in total. All you need to know is the following:

1. In order to use the amiibos you need a Wii U, the successor to the highly successful Wii console. I don’t have one of these so they all remain in their boxes.

2. You can also use them on the updated versions of the 3DS handheld consoles. I do own one but it’s still sealed in its box.

3. Even if I tried to use them with the 3DS I couldn’t. They have been specifically designed to only be used by taking them out of their boxes, and I don’t want to do that because I think they look nice in their boxes.

Take a deep breath, take a bow and leave the stage. It’s all over now, baby blue.

I will miss my pointless purchases.

16 comments on “Pointless Purchases of the last Six Months

  • Do computer game accessories actually hold value? Will these things get more expensive or get cheaper as everyone moves on to the next game and ebay gets flooded with them?

    I can believe the music and games and Lego in its sealed boxes. But you have a games console sealed in its box too? You are sick. You need help. Go see a doctor.

  • Well I think I’ve made my point in any case (you’re welcome, Kevin).

    The good news is that I’ve (kinda) seen the error of my ways and I am in the process of selling off a large portion of the things I have sealed in their own houses. If you’d like to buy any I can take orders now?

  • I’m going to send one to you just to spite you.

  • I have a Nintendo beanie hat that I don’t think would fit me; would you like that? You love Nintendo.

  • Kev’s love for Nintendo is well known. It’s also woven into the rug in his living room. I think it’s tasteless but each to their own.

  • I heard he has a secret Indonesian tattoo on his ajax that when translated says, “Grout my pipes and, by Jove, I do love Nintendo”.

  • Whilst all of that is true, and I do indeed love Nintendo, I will in fact have to turn down your kind offer of a hat due to the rest of this sentence being lies.

  • Of course he does; everyone has one.

    I’m more perturbed by his hat made of lies. Does it have a fib on the peak?

  • This kind of hat is almost pleasing to me were it not for the complete lack of regard for the values I hold dear to my heart. I think you should draw this hat, Mr Chang.

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