8 comments on “Railways with Smidge Manly

  • What I gained from watching this cannot be put into words, other than a strong desire to high five anything with a face within a ten mile radius.

    I hope that is enough to convey the joy of this program.

  • Of course. Their face definitely deserves a high five more than anyone else.

  • I had been thinking for a long time that “Railways with Smidge Manly” merited widespread face fives, but I wasn’t sure if I should say anything. Now it’s out in the open I feel very pleased, not to mention relieved.

  • Is that where you high five someone’s face or headbutt them in an attempt to replicate a high five using a face instead of hands?

  • It’s definitely the first one. The second one gets you thrown out of the sort of classy establishments I like to frequent.

  • Do you take that champagne glass or do they supply their own?

  • They have plenty of their own, but I like to take my personalised crystal goblet with me when I am planning an evening of refined quaffing.

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