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What do you mean you don’t want more boring, mundane posts about things done in and around my flat? Cheeky scamp! Wind your neck in.

For a very long time, my cutlery drawer was like the wild West: unruly, brutal, unfeeling and packed full of horses. I threw everything back in when it was clean and dry, not caring where it went. You would need to rummage round to find what you were looking for and there was no guarantee you’d find it / that it was hiding in there. I even still had teaspoons Reuben had individually wrapped up for a laugh a few Christmases ago lurking about, the red, white and green paper mocking me from the back of the drawer. What a shambles.

These days I’m a new man. I’ve got a fresh ‘chude. The organiser serves as both a solution to and a continuation of the same problem; everything is neatly organised… IF it can fit in the cutlery holder. Some of the longer knives don’t and have to loosely spam about in a second drawer on the other side of the kitchen.

I also still have a lot of spoons.

5 comments on “Bringing order to the chaos

  • This is a relief to me, because I saw your drawers before this happened and it was a crime against humanity. I didn’t realise how much anxiety I had been living with, day to day, as a result of the state of your cutlery drawer, until I saw this picture and felt an enormous sense of relief.

  • I feel like this conversation has developed to a point where I need to thank you for upsetting me by wearing extra pairs of socks, and I don’t know how we got to this point. I just know that I don’t want to be here, and I don’t want you to wear extra pairs of socks, and I’m frightened.

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