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I have recently been on a bit of a tidying binge in and around the flat. I took a lot of time out in January to buff to sheen all the jobs I had been procrastinating about during December. And there were tons. It also didn’t help that other people were actively handing me MORE things to do but hey, that’s just me. If I’m me, and I usually am, then I’m always helping.

In sorting out a particularly shifty box in the corner of my room, I re-discovered this interesting artefact from a certain Mr C Marshall:


I’m not very good with dates. I am very certain that this was when he, as in him, as in you, Chris, we’re at university learning how to push buttons for the BBC. Just think of where you would be now were it not for the booze and juice aisles.

My absolute favourite though is the ‘don’t know’ section which contained Lord only knows what kind of middling weirdness and frivolity.

Remembering is Fun.

13 comments on “Remembering is Fun

  • Remembering IS fun but we are both doing very badly at it.

    I am doing badly at remembering because I have absolutely no memory of this and it made me laugh a lot. What was it supposed to keep flat? I just don’t know.

    You are doing badly at remembering because this is the Sainsbury’s in Richmond where I lived when I first came down to London. It is probably from the thrilling days of 2007.

  • Little did he know he would come to admire and enjoy the “cleaning crap” so much.

  • I mis-read Chemist as Chewits and was puzzled for a while as to what type of area you lived in that required such a large sales area just for horrible gelatinous globs of chemically flavoured ‘sweets’.

  • Yes Christopher you do, you love cleaning. I’ve seen the vigour with which you perform cleaning.

    Kevin, don’t you have important things to do, like, deliver a baby?

  • Apparently this is a real thing on a trolley in a supermarket somewhere:

  • That’s clearly not a thing. I just think you’re very good at drawing.

    If Chris can spend days ensuring that his spaceship has excellent shoulders then this branch of Sainsburys can have a Chewits section. It’s only fair.

  • Ian is even worse at remembering than we thought. It turns out he didn’t remember writing me a letter and baking it into a sponge cake until I reminded him.

  • Noone has ever done anything like that before for me. You should probably consider yourself lucky that the nice chap wants to do such lovely things for you.

  • You’d be surprised the kinds of things I can’t remember. I’d mention them here but I forgot.

  • That’s a shame because it means you’re not having as much fun as you could be. That’s because, as you’ll recall, remembering is fun.

  • The huge expanse where fun should be is because I’m not very good at remembering.

    I’m very sorry everyone. I promise I’ll try harder next time.

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