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Ten years ago, when the New Beans was still new, we had a discussion about a marketing slogan for the website. Eventually we settled on Pouring Beans: The Thinking Man’s Casserole which adorns all of our advertising to this day.

Since then a whole decade has gone by, and I wonder if it’s time for a new slogan to appeal to the world of 2024. Until recently I wasn’t sure what I could ever suggest that would beat the current one, but a visit to a coffee shop bathroom in London last week gave me the answer.

One Team. One Pream. We.

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  • This has a sort of ‘your sister’s mysterious poem’ ring to it. Are you sure she hasn’t been writing on coffee shop bathroom walls in her spare time?


  • Exactly. In the TV adverts and the cinematic trailer, the word “we” will be accompanied by the sound of explosions and angels singing. You can’t spell either “team” or “pream” without “we”, potentially.

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