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Now that the New Beans has launched, we clearly need a new slogan to advertise this significant new public service to the masses.

I know we had a great slogan before, on the original Pouring Beans site – “Taller than fourteen owls on a ladder and twice as elegant” – but I don’t think it really sums up what we’re about these days.

I’d prefer something simpler, for the short attention span of the internet age. My proposal is just “&”. It’s clean, simple, conveys our core values and it’s totally unique. It also doesn’t take long to type.

If you have any alternative proposals for our new slogan, please post them here.

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  • Was that our slogan? I thought it was “How to waste your life and have fun doing it”.

  • No. How ridiculous. I don’t know where you got that from.

    The one with the powerful owl imagery was the one most closely associated with us by the public and the popular press. You’ll find that every single newspaper article written about the Beans included it.

  • Oh that one! Sorry, because it became so ubiquitous I guess I overlooked it.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    I was going to suggest something thoughtful like, “Pouring Beans; don’t take your pants off in a sweet shop.”

  • Hurray, Ian’s here! That is very thoughtful yes. I think we should maybe go for a less noncey idea though.

    How about “Ooops!”

  • He is here! And I see in the year or two since we last posted comments here, he has accrued an extra “Mac” in his name. I’m pretty sure it used to be four. Now look at him with his fancy five Macs.

    I’ve been thinking about this tonight and I now favour “Pouring Beans: The Thinking Man’s Casserole”.

  • I approve of that. (the casserole not the extra Mac)

  • I do rather like yours, especially if the Beans ever becomes a bawdy 1970s comedy.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    Would it be the kind of casserole concocted in a slow cooker?

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