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I have recently learned of some remarkable similarities between a song by the world’s most popular bands, The Papples, and another rock/pop act. It would not be exaggerating things to say that this appears to be a shameless, barefaced act of plagiarism.

Remind yourself, if you will, of the track Tigerplane vs Chickencopter from the Papples’ fifth studio album A Sensual Awakening.

Now cock an ear at the song XTC vs Adam Ant by They Might Be Giants, from their 1996 album Factory Showroom.

Well, here we have two songs about an epic battle to the death between two sworn enemies. And just look at all the similarities.

  • Both songs have a gripping storyline in which first one combatant appears to be winning but then the other makes a decisive blow for victory
  • Both songs tell us “there is no wrong or right”
  • Both songs tell us the two parties are fighting but “there is no reason why”

I find it, frankly, unbelievable that a band signed to a major record label can be allowed to get away with ripping off the Papples’ own original work, and worse still, they had the cheek to do it nineteen years before the Papples even wrote the song.

I think it’s time to call our hot shot lawyers. Justice must be done.

11 comments on “Call the lawyers

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “they stole our thoughts before we had a chance to think them!”

  • It’s not on. And even more unbelievably, I listened to our song again and realised that we don’t actually say “there is no wrong or right” at any point, so now they’re even stealing things we didn’t say. Are there any depths to which they will not sink?

  • I don’t understand the barefaced cheek of it. Then again I don’t understand the difference between the kinds of milk you can buy. Maybe I’m not the best person to be judging.

  • It’s very easy.

    Red top is a minor disservice or slight.
    Green top is cheeky.
    Blue top is full fat barefaced cheek.

  • Ah right, that makes more sense than the current table I’ve been using:

    Red top – piss water filth
    Green top – health conscious passable
    Blue top – fatty fatty face fuck

  • I am going to start a campaign to have milk relabelled. Those names are so much more sensible than the so-called “official” ones.

  • I think it would be a lot more obvious for people who struggle like myself. This way, I can shout, “I’m just popping out to pick up two pints of fatty fatty face fuck” rather than spending hours bewildered at the milk fridge in Tesco.

  • That would be great.

    I’m also glad that you’re able to write swear words now rather than putting aster*sks in them.

  • I was protecting the child from the ills of the world. Also a child friendly website may have encouraged more visitors. Whatever we say or do though it’s only you and I.

  • Yes, I think you can say whatever you like now that we’ve firmly established over a period of eleven years that literally nobody else gives a toss.

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