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We all knew that design genius Kevindo Menendez was destined for great things long before his stylish designs graced the catwalks of Micklefield Fashion Week.

But surely it’s a true sign that his thrusting work has achieved worldwide penetration that one of his classics, the “Crab” mug, has been spotted in the Master Control Room of a major broadcaster.

Crab in Control Room

It’s one thing to have your “Penguin” t-shirt worn by Naomi Campbell but it’s days like this that must matter the most to a leading designer like him.

24 comments on “Crab in control

  • I don’t know. It looks a bit suspicious to me, like a porridge loyalty card. How do we know that wasn’t photoshopped in?

  • You should know by the reputation of its designer that cheap tricks like that are not necessary. Get out of my shop, sir.

  • That phone also looks a smidge blurry… and I’ve never seen that shade of pink before… all of this and your pushy demeanour all spell out the same thing.

    C H E E S E B A L L.

  • That depends who are you addressing your question to. If it’s to me, then no, I am trying to ensure that someone is not affecting your trademark and copyright. The crab means more to me than a porridge loyalty card.

  • All I know is that this troublemaker is going to get ejected from my shop if he doesn’t make for the door pretty soon. I’m calling the police.

  • Wait, are you having a go at the crab or me? It’s very confusing.

  • Don’t you know I’m human too? Why you gotta be so rude?

  • If you stopped asking silly questions you could be outside on the pavement by now, and I wouldn’t be accusing you of trespass.

  • I’m gonna marry her anyway.

    Marry that girl, marry her anyway, marry that pidge, no matter what you say.

  • No you’re right. We’re going to get married just outside the door to stop the customers getting in and I’m going to hold my hand in the doorway the entire time just so I’m technically just in your shop.

  • Yes, but not exclusively. I sell a range of high quality souvenirs and memorabilia, including an own-brand range that has my face on it. The most expensive thing I sell is a hand-made Toby jug of my face in 3D.

  • I’ll bet that’s very classy. Does it come with a replica porridge loyalty card to use as a coaster?

  • Some of the wedding guests are asking if you sell the Toby jug with your face in 2D… ? I could also do with one of those lenticular place mats with your throwing your arms around.

  • You’ll be getting nothing from my shop. You’re barred. I’m adding that fact to the sign that says only two school children at a time.

  • But it’s lenticular. Lenticular! You can’t deny me that.

  • Its lenticularity is of no concern to you. You aren’t having one. I am pushing you out of my shop with the bristly end of a long broom.

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