Avatar Owl be watching you

He sits in his hiding place. He is brightly coloured, vivid even, and yet difficult to see.

You walk up the street. It’s a nice day, there’s nobody around. And then – when it’s already too late – you see him. Dark eyes stare you down. He has been watching you. Judging you. You feel guilty, but no apology will be enough.

Beware the owl.

Secret Owl

8 comments on “Owl be watching you

  • Rather than pursuing your law suit against me, why don’t you press charges against this owl for scaring the bejesus out of you?

  • I didn’t say any of it happened to me. It says “you” all the way through this post. Don’t you remember this happening?

  • Now that you mention it… I thought I had dreamt the whole thing. This obviously happened to me; I wonder why I didn’t post it before you. Although I posted #tapsaga before Kevin did and then he did his own post. The world moves in strange ways.

  • The world does move in strange ways. Ways that mean you get to experience things as though you had done them even when you didn’t. I think we need to be told whether or not you’re some sort of poltergeist.

  • Would a poultrygeist be the ghost of a chicken? Or a ghost that haunts chickens? Or both?

  • I’ve always thought of it as a ghost chicken but now that you mention it… it COULD be an apparition that haunts chickens.

    Mind literally blown. Well done, sir.

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