Avatar What a party

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to? Was it one of your own or possibly a friend’s? Was it laden with so many cakes that afterwards you had to invest in a new pair of teeth because you ate so much sugar and dissolved your original pair? Did you dance like a maniac when ‘We Close Our Eyes’ by Go West came on, accidentally span round into an elderly man and sent his pint flying across the room?

I can guarantee you that no matter how great a party it was, it cannot compete with whatever kind of party Dr Owl is throwing.

Woah, steady on there, boy!

Not that I could tell you exactly the kinds of shenanigans that go on. This particular book was on sale in a lovely bookstore called ‘Barter Books’ in Alnwick. It was so special that it was behind glass; no common chubby funsters could go flicking through the pages. If you wanted to know what Dr Owl was getting up to you needed to cough up a stonking £24.00 for the privilege. It wasn’t even a first edition or a special version with a foreword by some famous owl who loved the book, merely a simple reprint. I don’t have those kinds of Newcastle pounds to do blowing on secret insights. A man can dream though, a man can dream.

A sound investment if ever I saw one.

Avatar Ruining Kev’s future posts

I recently learned that I have been inadvertently spoiling all Kev’s plans to post things to the Beans because every time he has an idea he logs on to the website and finds that I’ve already done it.

It started not so long ago with the slippers, and then I hit him with a double whammy of tyre trouble that took the wind right out of his tyres.

I’ve decided that the best thing to do is to try and expand on this promising new hobby, so in this blog post I am going to try and anticipate some of the things Kev might want to write blog posts about in the near future and get there before him.


Very large worktops


There. I think those three things pretty much cover all bases.

Avatar Episode 14: Animal Augmentation

I have to admit this ones a weird one. Usually I give some bullet points of whats going on in the episode but to do that would spoil this one, so you’ll just have to go into it blind.

Good luck.

If you are affected by any of the themes in today’s podcast,… erm… oops.

A Breath of Fresh Beans
A Breath of Fresh Beans
Episode 14: Animal Augmentation

Avatar Seagull competition

Look at this thoughtful chap.


He’s perched on a lamp post on Llandudno pier, gazing out to sea. Down below, fat tourists wander around with sticky donuts and runny ice cream, but from his vantage point, the sound of waddling morons dies away. He hears the wind whipping at his sleek feathers and the call of the other gulls circling above. He sees the sun glimmering from the rolling peaks of the slate grey Irish Sea. He is deep in existential contemplation.

The question is, what is he contemplating?

That important question is not just about probing the philosophical leanings of a Welsh sea bird. It’s also your route to a big, big prize, which may or may not be fish-based.

If you think you know the answer, and you’d like to be in with a chance of winning the Luxury Mystery Prize that might have been selected by a seagull, then leave your answer, answers or both in the comments below.

As the seagull himself would say: squawk!

Avatar Owl Kitchen. Or not?

When you’re walking around a shop there is a fair amount of pressure. You, as a consumer, need to spend your money otherwise the shop won’t be there anymore. So what will you buy? What wonders would you prefer to spend your hard-earned cash on?

For instance, would you like to buy this?


Now I am all for knick knacks and tat yet I am confused and perturbed as to what this owl wants. Clearly it wants to cook but it can’t spell ‘cook’ so it looks like it is asking for ‘cok’. So is this an owl with poor spelling and grammar? Was it the result of bad education?

Unless its eyes are the o’s but then there’d be three so the item’s message is ‘coook’ which is the kind of enthusiasm I can fully understand. But then why a spoon and a fork? Why is the owl trying to eat a fish when owls don’t eat fish?

I stared for a good five minutes at this the other day and I am still no further forward. Perhaps somebody else might be able to solve the mystery.

I like owls but this just seems wrong.

Avatar Owl be watching you

He sits in his hiding place. He is brightly coloured, vivid even, and yet difficult to see.

You walk up the street. It’s a nice day, there’s nobody around. And then – when it’s already too late – you see him. Dark eyes stare you down. He has been watching you. Judging you. You feel guilty, but no apology will be enough.

Beware the owl.

Secret Owl

Avatar Owl have a coffee

Current trends in the world of wildlife are all over the gossip pages of the newspapers these days. The pandas taking selfies, the rhino that hosted the Grammy awards and the arctic foxes wearing Naomi Campbell’s skin as a luxurious wrap are all well known.

But what about the less famous creatures of the world? What are they doing? It turns out that many woodland creatures are developing a taste for human food. Italian is popular with many species, with dormice in some parts of England now surviving entirely on conchiglie al forno, tiramisu and Chianti.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s an owl in a Leeds branch of Costa Coffee.

Owl in Costa Coffee