Avatar Owl Kitchen. Or not?

When you’re walking around a shop there is a fair amount of pressure. You, as a consumer, need to spend your money otherwise the shop won’t be there anymore. So what will you buy? What wonders would you prefer to spend your hard-earned cash on?

For instance, would you like to buy this?


Now I am all for knick knacks and tat yet I am confused and perturbed as to what this owl wants. Clearly it wants to cook but it can’t spell ‘cook’ so it looks like it is asking for ‘cok’. So is this an owl with poor spelling and grammar? Was it the result of bad education?

Unless its eyes are the o’s but then there’d be three so the item’s message is ‘coook’ which is the kind of enthusiasm I can fully understand. But then why a spoon and a fork? Why is the owl trying to eat a fish when owls don’t eat fish?

I stared for a good five minutes at this the other day and I am still no further forward. Perhaps somebody else might be able to solve the mystery.

I like owls but this just seems wrong.

14 comments on “Owl Kitchen. Or not?

  • I’m pretty sure owls can’t cook. They can turn mice and other small creatures into pellets, sure, but that’s hardly what I’d call sophisticated cuisine.

    I’d like to confirm that I would not, that’s NOT, buy that.

  • Thank you. I was beginning to think I was missing something.

    Do you think the missing ‘o’ was deliberate?

  • I think you’ll find that the owl in question is a massive Gok Wan fan and had these commissioned in his honor. The problem started when they put the G on upside-down and it looked like Cok. The fish is a mystery to everyone but the owl.

  • The thing about owls is that they protect their secrets very closely. We’ll never learn the mystery of the fish.

  • Right. So what you’re saying is that you’re pro for this idea. That you can’t wait. That you’re all over this like a salmon on truffles.

  • He’s on it like an army of tiny faces on Nicholas Witchell’s viso/volto.

  • You’re on it like a Joog on a couple of acorns.

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