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What’s the best party you’ve ever been to? Was it one of your own or possibly a friend’s? Was it laden with so many cakes that afterwards you had to invest in a new pair of teeth because you ate so much sugar and dissolved your original pair? Did you dance like a maniac when ‘We Close Our Eyes’ by Go West came on, accidentally span round into an elderly man and sent his pint flying across the room?

I can guarantee you that no matter how great a party it was, it cannot compete with whatever kind of party Dr Owl is throwing.

Woah, steady on there, boy!

Not that I could tell you exactly the kinds of shenanigans that go on. This particular book was on sale in a lovely bookstore called ‘Barter Books’ in Alnwick. It was so special that it was behind glass; no common chubby funsters could go flicking through the pages. If you wanted to know what Dr Owl was getting up to you needed to cough up a stonking £24.00 for the privilege. It wasn’t even a first edition or a special version with a foreword by some famous owl who loved the book, merely a simple reprint. I don’t have those kinds of Newcastle pounds to do blowing on secret insights. A man can dream though, a man can dream.

A sound investment if ever I saw one.

12 comments on “What a party

  • What a smashing bonnet that owl’s wearing. If I ever get to go to Dr Owl’s party, I’ll be sure to get myself a bonnet, shawl or headscarf like that.

  • Dr. Owl’s guest (assuming Dr. Owl is the foreground owl) doesn’t look to be enjoying the Dr.’s advances all that much. He appears to have led her up into a quiet tree whilst the party continues below… is he hoping for some branch-based owl nookie?
    I’d say judging by the behatted owl’s expression, he isn’t going to be getting any.

  • I hadn’t noticed that, but yes, the party does now appear to be downstairs, while he corners a bonneted lady owl up in the tree. That wouldn’t pass in the Me Too era. Now, if I ever go to Dr Owl’s party, I’ll push his pointy hat off and tip over the party food table.

  • Are shady shenanigans your thing? It’s just that in the original post you seemed to be saying that Dr Owl’s party was better than the greatest party any of us has ever been to, and now you’re saying it’s likely to be a criminal matter. As a result I now suspect that you are a criminal, and I am locking my front door.

  • All I did was speculate that whatever you’re doing isn’t going to compare with Dr Owl, whether that’s good or bad. So ha!

    Also I got a call from the ‘SO THERE’ police and Dr Owl has been cancelled or Canc-owled as they said it down the phone.

  • ===================
    From: Whatevs Police HQ, Swansea
    To: Crich5156

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