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  • It’s nice out here. I detect that you have redecorated.

    In the year 4000 bells don’t exist, we just use synthesisers which are built into our electronic legs.

  • Oh god no. How many of them got out? Did you close the Character Hatch (TM) or is it still open?

    For future reference the bell tower is accessed by the spiral staircase that leads off the upper mezzanine near the south lift landing. Not even we were stupid enough to build a bell tower underground. Let’s hope the Saint King is still down there and hasn’t escaped.

  • Right, I’ve sealed up the Character Hatch™. I-MAC and The Saint King are still on the loose. I found some enormous footprints which suggests EEFY McJEEFY might have got out, and there was some shouting earlier so I think Brian Blessed has made a break for it.

    The thing I’m most worried about is that I haven’t been able to find Kev. He’s not still down there, is he? I’m a bit concerned that he’ll be trapped down the Character Hatch™ with Mr Cockall and all his dangerous inventions.

  • Right, I’ve found the bell tower and we did put in a “Good Times” bell, it’s ringing now. I’m on my way back.

  • The thing about Mr Cockall is that whilst he might look threatening, most of the time all he does is… NOTHING!

  • I hardly think the Good Times bell is appropriate. We have characters from the Old Beans running amok all around us. The Saint King is outside offering to give Jerry Loinsford some jewels for doing some ridiculous task. The place is in uproar.

    I’m going to the armoury to get my blunderbuss and see if I can restore some order.

  • EEFY McJEEFY he say:
    The good times bell matches how I feel!
    I’m free and easy and back at the wheel.
    Things are great now I’m out of the Hatch
    Who’s up for a cricket match?


    I’m stuck listening to Pete Doherty sing songs about robbing an old lady to buy drugs.

  • What are you doing down there? I thought you were in the bell tower?

    Don’t worry about Pete. If you’re not Kate Moss he won’t be all that bothered about you.

  • I think he moved on from Kate Moss quite a while back.
    What you all need is a teacher with some authority to demand these creatures back into their hatch and restore order. I’ll let you know if I come across one.

  • What about a penguin who likes being modulated? Would that work just as well?

  • Modulated? Do you mean moderated? What with this and your “loosh” comment I’m starting to think your flimflam key is switched on.

  • HahahahahhahahahahahahahahHAAHAHAHAhahahahahaha
    bwabble bwahasdeneeskllllll

  • Oh Kev do pull yourself together now.
    I like being both modulated and moderated. I like it so much I’ll be spending my morning doing them with my boss tomorrow!
    This doesn’t mean I can sort your dodgy hatch out though.

  • I’m pretty sure Jerry Loinsford died. That’s what prompted the closure of the Loinsford Academy.

  • Maybe it was Jimmy D. Titan then, I always get them mixed up and they’ve been down the Character Hatch™ for such a long time now I’ve forgotten what they look like.

    Anyway, should we open it and let Kev out? I’m not sure he’s enjoying himself.



    Its cold down here, and I’m stuck with Wimbly Wednesday and Elementary Westinghouse who are forcing me to drink Inky Drinky and eat Tasty Hasty Paste. Mr. Cockall will be here any minute, and god knows what’ll happen when Pete Doherty sees him.

  • OK, I’ve entered the combination and turned the giant wheel, but the padlock is still on and I think Ian’s got the key to that. You’ll have to wait for him to get here and unlock it.

    In the meantime I’m going to slide some ham through the gap so you don’t go hungry.

  • … the bees are in the what now?


  • You get some ham when you’ve let him out. That’s assuming it’s safe to let him out and he hasn’t gone native.

  • Thanks for the ham
    I ate it with jam
    whilst riding a clam
    I think his name’s Stan

  • I don’t want to let him out until I get some ham. So there.

  • No, because if I did let you out then that post that you did would not make sense. Continuity is very important in these here parts.

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