Avatar Swings and roundabouts

Be honest. When you see a playground full of children, you wish the children weren’t there so you could have a go on it, don’t you? Research has shown that adults appreciate playgrounds 63% more than children do and children should be banned from them because they’re too busy crying and pushing each other and generally not making the most of them.

Fig. 1: The level of joy created by a swing

The question is: what is your favourite playground thing? Choose from the list below and vote now.

  1. Swings
  2. Slide
  3. Climbing frame
  4. Swings, though, come on
  5. Roundabout
  6. Stupid animal shaped seats on springs
  7. Swings, right? It’s swings
  8. See-saw
  9. Just choose swings
  10. Swings

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