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The human face is capable of showing a huge variety of emotions. Some of them are obvious, so plain that even children and dogs can recognise them: smiling means happiness, for example, while a furrowed brow often means consternation or constipation. You may know of others.

Today we are going to look at four of the lesser-known emotions and the facial expressions that go with them. I hope you find this guide instructive.

Pudding shop

The pudding shop face should show a mixture of delight and surprise. Some people choose to include a measure of snootiness but this is optional.

Crescent in disrepair

When faced with a grand Regency Crescent in disrepair, perhaps while visiting a spa town that has fallen on hard times, most people extend the tongue slightly, making a face that is close to some expressions of unbridled silliness, but which is actually a sign of great concern for the preservation of listed buildings. A minority of people make a face that is virtually indistinguishable from the pudding shop face, Ian.

Very exciting

Excitement usually produces wide eyes and an open mouth, but in extreme cases – where the excitement being felt is beyond the highest reaches of the Alton Towers Excitement Scale – a common human reaction is to close the mouth, move the hand protectively to the chin or sideface, and look sideways on at the exciting phenomena.

Terrible man

A terrible man will arouse strong feelings in anyone of adult age. Many people find themselves involuntarily contracting their neck and tightening their lips. Some also experience gastric bloating and wind.

8 comments on “Four faces

  • I don’t know about that. I’ve seen you keen, that’s for sure. And I’ve seen you in fluffy pants, which I never want to see again. I’ve even seen you plump with emotion. But at your best? No. Surely not. I’d remember, wouldn’t I?

  • Ah. I’ve seen you in the presence of soul jazz but never in ownership of it. So, at your second best, presumably.

    Ironically the sight of you in the presence of soul jazz made me plump with emotion.

  • Delicious irony.

    The more I look at it, Kev’s “pudding shop” is also remarkably similar to his “terrible man”. Rich coming from the man whose very own “pudding shop” has an uncanny resemblance to his “crescent in disrepair.”

  • I think the difference between Kev’s “pudding shop” and his “terrible man” is to do with the slight biting of the lip. But I agree that, in an emergency situation, such as a fire or a hostage negotiation, I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference.

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