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Most days I drive to the station and go to work.

Like Ian, I use my eyes while driving, both to look at things, but also to observe them. Sometimes my looking and observing is simultaneous and sometimes both have to take it in turns.

There is one thing that sticks out when I drive to the station, and it’s this:

If it was called Clennel Hill I’d know exactly where I was. We all know that Clennel is a small village and a former civil parish in the parish of Alwinton, in Northumberland, England. We also all know that a clennel is a genteel way to refer to a kind of arse flannel. But it’s not called that, it has a name that’s far more obscure and meaningless. A quennell? Nobody knows what that is.

I’m posting this here in the hopes that, having declared that this is a meaningless word and that nobody knows what it is, I’ve created the right circumstances for Kev to put the word into Google and immediately tell me what it means.


6 comments on “Quennell

  • Quennell. There are two different meanings. The first is a lazy word for a ‘ginnel’ or a narrow passage between buildings. Example:

    “I lost my duck down the quennell.”

    The other one is much more lewd and disgusting, meaning the private parts of a timid hen but usually used as a means of expressing contempt for one another. Example:

    “What a bastard. Stick that right up the quennell.”

  • If you’re both right then Ian’s first example sentence could actually be “I lost my quennell down the quennell”.

  • Quennell squared all right.

    I’m not an expert on a lot of things, wait, let me rephrase that. I’m an expert on none of the things. I’m a nonnyologist. When it comes to quennells though I am a god.

  • A quennell god? So, a god of ducks, ginnels and hen’s private parts? That’s some seriously limited godding.

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