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Recently these little posters have been popping up at traffic lights near where I live.

I am baffled by them. How does this work? Zumba “from £2”?

“Hello, yes, I’d like two pounds’ worth of zumba please”

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  • When you bring in the simple maths of the now trademarked ‘Pound Minute System’ (TM) it all makes sense.

    Two pounds = two minutes of zumba. Not a lot of zumba but you may only have five minutes before the bus arrives. It’s ideal for those with empty pockets and short attention spans.

  • How many two-minute zumba sessions do you need to do before you see a benefit in terms of rippling muscles and shapely thighs? Asking for a friend.

  • In order to work that out you would need to cross-reference the information from the Pound-Minute with the result of your chestingtons ripplingtons equation. As a rough guess I would say 28.

  • So a total of 56 minutes’ zumbage will get me rippling muscles and shapely thighs? Less than an hour? That’s a very quick turnaround.

  • How many grams of Zumba will £2 get me? And will it all fit in a little transparent “Weigh and Save” plastic bag?

  • You would be able to get 200g of Zumba at the current rate. In six months time though it could be anything. Best get your train ticket booked now, you don’t want to miss out.

    I will carry the Zumba for you if it doesn’t fit in the bag.

  • Bloody hell. I’m going to get up there tomorrow and clean them out of all their Zumbas. You know what they say: buy low, sell high, zumb with aplomb.

  • I didn’t think that was a real thing until I walked past three different people today and they all said, “zumb with aplomb.”

    I bow to your superior knowledge of the people.

  • It’s right on the fashions. But be careful using it, it’s going to become very passé by this time next week, and if you continue using it beyond the end of May there will be a fine.

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