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Recently these little posters have been popping up at traffic lights near where I live.

I am baffled by them. How does this work? Zumba “from £2”?

“Hello, yes, I’d like two pounds’ worth of zumba please”

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  • When you bring in the simple maths of the now trademarked ‘Pound Minute System’ (TM) it all makes sense.

    Two pounds = two minutes of zumba. Not a lot of zumba but you may only have five minutes before the bus arrives. It’s ideal for those with empty pockets and short attention spans.

  • How many two-minute zumba sessions do you need to do before you see a benefit in terms of rippling muscles and shapely thighs? Asking for a friend.

  • In order to work that out you would need to cross-reference the information from the Pound-Minute with the result of your chestingtons ripplingtons equation. As a rough guess I would say 28.

  • So a total of 56 minutes’ zumbage will get me rippling muscles and shapely thighs? Less than an hour? That’s a very quick turnaround.

  • How many grams of Zumba will £2 get me? And will it all fit in a little transparent “Weigh and Save” plastic bag?

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