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Back in August 2022 which was, according to the calendar, a whopping six years ago (it may be broken, I’m waiting for an appointment with the calendar technician), I said that I would draw Chris as a business balloon floating over Europe, ready to administer some kind of business thing to the people of abroad. They are his neighbours after all.

During my brief foray into insurance, I started a doodle inside my notebook and never finished it. It wasn’t a good doodle and it’s unfinished so really it’s a big pile of nothing. As this website thrives on big piles of nothing, however, I decided to display it for everyone to see.

Look at my big pile of nothing:

Big no’ thang

You will note the subtle brushstrokes around Chris’ balloon body as well as the gleeful look on his viso / volto. I thought it would be best to show him as a friendly business balloon rather than some kind of harbinger of doom, dropping acquisitions and harsh takeovers like they were Tic Tacs. The people of Europe, possibly the Netherlandians of the Netherlands given their close proximity to the UK and how I’ve drawn the coastline, are happy to see Chris, delighted even. What he’s bringing is right up their street and they can’t wait for him to unload the goods.

Don’t feel sorry for the man (?) whose body is missing; I will draw it at some point so that he can jump for joy and join in with the rest of the citizens. What does that blank, daunting landscape hold? Are there any houses in the Netherlands? Will they need to shoot him down or can Chris release the air himself and gently float into their lives? What exactly is Chris transporting all those miles?

There are too many questions so, please, refrain from asking any until the final masterpiece has been completed.

12 comments on “Work in Progress

  • I look like I’m really gritting my teeth with the enormous effort of being a balloon.

    Can you offer any context around why I was going to be a business balloon floating over Europe? I can’t remember this being part of my Big Man Business Plan 2023.

  • You were supposed to be smiling at the prospect of floating your business over Europe. I even tried anime-style happy eyes.

    Context, context context context. That would require the effort of going back and looking for the nonsense and I’m too busy typing this reply to bother.

  • It looks like a hard business grimace to me… hes even got the bead of business sweat starting to show.

  • I was never good at drawing mouths or faces, arms, legs, hands or feet. The body is questionable too. Hair, ears, fingers, I sometimes struggle with elbows. I’m surprised you made it into this drawing at all.

  • A balloon that resembles you. Don’t you want to be shown dominating Europe with your business prowess? Don’t you wanted to feared as the ultimate business mogul?

  • It only resembles me in the sense that the balloon and I both have faces. It doesn’t even have a monobrow. Surely that’s the minimum requirement for something to look like me.

  • So what you’re saying is that I should re-do the picture again. I hear you and, you know what, you’re right. Let me get right on it and I’ll return shortly.

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