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We are, indeed, three. Nothing is more recognisable with the Beans brand than our shapely, oddly blank faces. This has been put on everything from lunch boxes to dinner jackets to tiny boxes of matches. We have whored ourselves out for every manner of item available on the market.

Some might say that we have stretched ourselves too far. Others may say that we haven’t stretched enough. I would say that bag of crisps I just ate wasn’t large enough.

What we need is someone else to shoulder the burden, or uncomfortable responsibility, of having to promote ourselves repeatedly. We need someone who is willing to do absolutely anything to spread the word of our masters, to go above and beyond, to increase the profit margin and appease the shareholders.

This is Beans.

He was originally called Yukiko, because that is a nice name, but since his birth he has taken on the name ‘Beans’. This is also a good name and it also means that he can now be the new poster boy for our website moving forward into 2018.

I will be commissioning small, cheaply-made soft toys based on his likeness and these will be sold in certain branches of Booths supermarket in the North West of England. They will be limited edition and highly sought after so demand is more than likely expected to exceed the supply, and the second-hand market will soar higher than an eagle strapped to the back of a Boeing 747.

If the toys work then perhaps some jazzy socks may be on the cards.

24 comments on “Official Beans

  • I fully approve of this. It should be shouted from the rooftops, not hidden entirely from the Beans front page. (By which I mean the front page of this website, not the front page of your excellently-named cat.)

  • I’m not entirely sure what I did to hide the page. The website went a bit nuts when I was trying to post it.

  • Fixed it.

    Beans is a much better name. Who wouldn’t want a beans plushie/socks/commemorative tie pin/t-shirt/birdhouse/fridge magnet/cake mould?

  • As the only one of us who hadn’t yet edited this post, I felt a bit left out, so I reached my filthy hands in there and altered the picture. Beans is now bigger and more prominent than he was before, and my ego is appeased.

  • Hopefully Beans (the cat) will look at the picture of Beans (the cat) on the Beans (the website) and be inspired to grow at least as large as the Beans (the cat) he sees depicted on the Beans (the website).

  • I think it’s important to have lots of things with the same name. I mean, look at Tony and Tony. If they didn’t have Tony, Tony and Tony their whole friendship group would fall apart.

  • It’s OK, Em. Tony and Tony’s friendship group isn’t going to fall apart. That would be wrong and bad, but it’s not going to happen. Not while they’ve still got Tony.

  • Tony will always have Tony, and Tony would never leave Tony in the lurch.

    In the lurch.

    In the lurch (?).

  • Tony would never leave Tony in the lurch.

    In the lurch.

    The lurch.

    Is there an echo in here?

  • Tony would never leave his lunch in the church.

    The church.

    The church.

    I’ve heard rumours there’s a café in the church.

  • How do you think Jesus would feel if he was called Beans? He was born on Christmas Day too, mind he didn’t require a vet but it can’t have been easy

  • That IS a great name for a cat. Sadly, Beans has signed his contract and will now forever be known as ‘Beans’ for marketing purposes for out multi-conglomerate networking system.

    Maudlin Jesus will have to be someone else’s cat’s name.

  • Mandolin Jesus, however, sounds like a band I would listen to.

  • You will. I’m starting a petition right now.

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