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We’re about to hear from Morrissey, which is a rare and special treat. But first we need an explanation.

Back in December, I posted Christmas mop-up, a list of things I had received. Ian asked who had got me the three things that were not for my new car. I replied that two were from parents and one from an aunt. Ian said I sounded like Essex Highway era Morrissey and asked if I could provide a sample of Morrissey’s voice saying those words.

Which brings us to where we are today, and the soft, crooning tones of the former Smiths frontman informing us where three of my Christmas presents came from.

17 comments on “Parents, parents, aunt

  • It’s as perfect as I thought it would be. The ideal mix of old and new.

  • Thanks mate. As a leading Morrissist and Professor of Smithology at Toonside University, your view on these things matters.

  • It’s the intonation at the end of the sentence which really seals the deal in a wigwam. You get the brazen PARENTS twice and then the gentle questioning of ‘aunt’.

  • This excellent Morrisseying just illustrates perfectly why you were chosen to recieve the Steven Patrick Morrissey Scholarship Award back in 2010. You’ve clearly put your time to good use.

  • Look where he is now because of it. I mean it, look at where he is. Look at him!

  • Yes! Look at me. Look at ME.

    You will need to know where I am now before you can look at me. If you don’t yet know my location you can write for a free factsheet:
    Where is Chris now?
    PO Box 100
    Pouring Beans
    The Internet

  • Is it as helpful as the what’sapp group which tell someone us when you are in Leeds (or mostly does nothing of the sort)?

  • I think we can certainly facilitate a more up-to-date approach for where you currently are. Leave it to me, I’ve got this.

    His factsheet is nowhere near as helpful as my face.

  • Says who? If you want a face, I’ll give you a face. I’ve seen keen and I can bring the keen to you, in the post or not (what?).

  • Are you wanting me to cut off my face and send it to you in the post?

  • I’ve seen keen, and I’m all about the keen, however even I have to draw the line somewhere. The line I’ve drawn is around my face and, no, you can’t have it.

  • That looks like a line I could cut around to detach your viso/volto and slide it into an envelope. Please advise.

  • It’s a metaphysical line, one that does both exist and not exist. It is purple, orange and a little bit brown. It’s dotted, full length (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!) and stops in the middle.

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