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Recently my life was shaken to its very foundations and then rebuilt around a piece of prose so profound that I had to take a good hard look at myself in the reflection on the back of a spoon.

The reflection was quite distorted and upside-down but I think we can all agree that this is truly inspirational…


22 comments on “Words to Live by…

  • It’s the kind of postcard I’d spend less than a pound on. You do need to stop sitting on benches so much and start finding that book, mind.

  • The next time I’m facing such a beautiful vista I will remember these words. I may even recall them when waiting for the bus this evening, and then cast a loving glance to the sky and imagine the words dotted about the clouds. Ahhh.

  • I would like to continue believing that Kev is in the picture. It looks like him, therefore it must be him. Logic.

    Besides, if it actually was someone else, sitting there and seeing my sister’s poem written in massive letters across the sky, we’d have seen it in the papers by now.

  • That’s a very good point.

    Whether you were or were not there, Kev, Chris’ reasoning stipulates that your response is not required nor needs to be considered. If only more problems could be solved this way.

  • I would like to make clear that I am happy to act as a sort of freelance dictator, taking unilateral and binding decisions on any matter put before me.

  • But I did respond. CONSIDER ME!

    I would say that Chris has far too much of a conscience to be a unilateral dictator, that job would be much better filled by someone like me. I might make him my Ethics Adviser. Ian can be the Director of Hair and Ukuleles.

  • I’m going to buy you a t-shirt that says ‘CONSIDER ME!’ on the front because that’s the funniest thing you’ve said for yonks. You heard me, yonks.

  • Your freelance dictatoring days are over sonny-jim. This is MY town now.

    This is you final offer of the position of Ethics adviser or I’m sending round the troops to collect you…

  • Did anyone hear me complaining about my new found / newfound / noi founde responsibilities? That’s a straight nen; owl take it.

  • Then you’re hired.

    Oh, and… as part of the “Any other responsibilities deemed necessary by management” part of you contract, can you arrange for the transportation of Chris5156 to the nearest hard labour camp.


  • If you’re gonna do labour you may as well do it the hard way.

    Odds on foreboding and fear – 10/1
    Odds on shame and humiliation – 4/1
    Odds on ends and evens – tbc

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