Avatar Frog and Kitty

Let’s unpack March and screw it together with this important ethical dilemma.

Frog and Kitty are clearly comfortable with their unorthodox relationship. But what’s the basis of this? Does Frog really think Kitty is delicious? Or is there something else going on, something deeper?

13 comments on “Frog and Kitty

  • I don’t know what this is but it keeps repeating it right in my face and I can only assume that it is the work of pirates.

  • If the hat fits…

    If it doesn’t fit, sell it to a hipster using your fist as a receipt.

  • The only hat I can find is my woolly winter hat, at the back of my wardrobe. That does seem to fit, but it’s stretchy and would fit a lot of people.

    So am I a pirate or not?

  • I’m going to tell you what I told Eamonn Holmes; no, you are not a pirate.

  • I’m not sure. Quite possibly, I mean when I was gaining my empirical qualification I seem to remember there were other courses along those loins. The Open University will chuck money at anything these days.

  • Ever since Jerry Loinsford closed the Loinsford Academy well… nobody else has taken up the thrusting mantle, and if you try to raise it with Jerry he stares off into the distance and squeezes his ears.

  • I’m not talking to Jerry Loinsford, and neither should you. There’s a reason that academy closed down, and don’t believe a word he says about it being built on ancient Indian burial grounds.

  • Are you saying that it was closed for… nefarious purposes?!?

  • Well I wish you would stop not saying anything and start un-saying what you just said.

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