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Reuben recently revealed to me that whenever he hears the song ‘Play that funky music’ by the mostly never heard of band Wild Cherry he imagines Kevin as the lead singer.

Does this mean that the singer sounds like Kevin when he sings or does Kevin have a striking resemblance to Wild Cherry singer Rob Parissi?

8 comments on “Play that funky music (Kevin)

  • I don’t think a striking resemblance to this gentleman is necessary for Reuben to make the connection. If Reuben had said that every time he hears this song he imagines a packet of Fruit Pastilles as the singer I wouldn’t have been particularly surprised.

    That said Kev does look remarkably like this man and I think the matter bears further investigation.

  • I’ve been telling Kev for a long time now that he should grow a moustache and this is further proof that he’d look smashing if he was ‘taching.

    By “telling” I mean “dropping very oblique subliminal hints”, but I think it’s going in.

  • When he’s alive, sorry sorry wrong word, when he’s awake? Do we pin him under the plastic chapel of chat (or whatever his static caravan is called) and smother his face in sh-molish?

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