Avatar What? Eh? What?

What the hell is this?

Just… can someone give me a hand here? I can see something, there’s definitely something there right in front of my eyes, because my eyes register that there is something on the screen. But what is it?

I think it’s a picture of some description. There are some people on it but none of them are really looking at each other.

My brain cannot process it. To me it resembles a really poor attempt at trying to cobble together an idea for an album. It’s as if some people decided to release an album but couldn’t be bothered writing any songs so they just stole a bunch from other, more successful, more talented artists.

Can anyone help?

4 comments on “What? Eh? What?

  • Sorry, I only just realised that this post existed. Does it have something in it? It looks like a mistake because it seems to be empty.

  • It’s an empty space. It’s where something should exist that’s worth noting but really it’s just a bag of bollocks and eyeballs.

  • No. Their similar shapes mean my tiny girlish hands cannot distinguish between the two. If you want me to pull out a bollock it’s gonna be 50/50 each time.

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