User avatar Airports

It’s 6.33 in the morning and I am in an airport. This seems to be a good time for me to tell you some things about airports that I don’t like.

I don’t like having to take my belt off when I go through security because the shorts I’m wearing for this flight are a […]

User avatar Episode 8: Do Bears Come in Tins?

In an exciting format twist Ian and Kev are joined this time out by Chris meaning that, for the first time, everyone who actually listens to the podcast was there when it was recorded. They all had a jolly good time discussing:

Even keels Inner smiles and secret smiles The merits of tinned fruit Hooting […]

User avatar Questionable Truffles

Having spent a good five minutes looking at this, just what the hell is this?

Truffles I get. Commerce and purchasing items I get. Walking around in supermarkets taking photos of curios and novelties I get. But squiffy truffles? Can you describe a truffle as ‘squiffy’?

Were it not for the fact that my […]

User avatar Bad Day

So, after faffing around in the dark for five minutes, I sit down again on the floor and realise I’ve forgotten to get the scissors.

Rewind to five minutes prior to this. At the entrance to the kitchen I forgo turning the lights on, because I’ve lived in the flat over ten years and I […]

User avatar The Cheek of It

This completely took me by surprise!



Now I am used to receiving abuse from family members, close friends, clients, the general public and the occasional letters through the post, but this is a new low. I was recently walking past a new development of houses and what did greet me upon turning […]

User avatar Broken

In the last two weeks, the following things have broken.

My central heating boiler, which was broken for a week My phone, which had to be sent off for a week and a half My coffee pot, which still isn’t fixed My watch, which still isn’t fixed My iPod, which I had buy parts to […]

User avatar My Four Pounds

I bought a thing off eBay for a Christmas present. It cost me some money, plus £4 post and packaging. That’s reasonable enough. I paid the money and entered my work address for delivery so that it wouldn’t be sent back if I was out.

What I didn’t expect – what nobody expected – was […]

User avatar Ian vs Crush Songs

Ian: Hello? Crush Songs: Hello Ian. Ian: Hello Crush Songs by Karen O. I’ve wanted to listen to you for a while; sorry it’s taken me so long. Crush Songs: Oh think nothing of it. Now, are you ready? Ian: I am, yes. Crush Songs: Are you ready for fourteen songs that all sound the […]