Avatar ABOFB 33: Disappointing Things

After only 9 months since the last episode, and because Ian made me feel bad for that fact, here comes episode 33!
I’ve dredged out from the lockdown archives this gem, where we discuss:

  • Gigs
  • Gruff Rhys
  • Ignoring the question
  • Food

7 comments on “ABOFB 33: Disappointing Things

  • I listened to it about a week ago and was delighted by its every twist and turn.

    Wait… “we”? Have you added another fan to the Breath of Fresh Beans fan club?

  • Of course. Vikki has been indoctrinated, I mean inducted / introduced into the podcasts and she cannot get enough of them. It’s one of the reasons why I bullied Kev so much into doing this.

  • I feel like there is some level of exaggeration in your report, but I am too pleased to hear that someone else is now listening to them for me to worry about that. I am content to just accept your presumably inflated version of events at face value because I find it flattering.

  • Face value indeed. I’ve got so much value to my face I’m practically uninsurable (?) you know, kinda like J-Lo’s ass or whatever it was people lost their minds over.

  • Have you insured your face against losing your mind due to J-Lo’s ass? It doesn’t seem a very likely thing to happen but I guess if it does you’d lose everything about your face that we treasure. Better safe than sorry.

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