Avatar The Kevindo Menendez Birthday Memorial Tribute Night Out – 2014 Edition

What happens when your birthday is shit, like dirt dog ass shit? When it feels as though someone has taken the time to use a straw to blow shit all over you and your life and then refuse to clean it up?

Thankfully this isn’t what happened on Kev’s birthday. It was a little weak but the company was swift and then getting wrecked at his parent’s house is always a welcome change from hanging out with the twelve year olds at the Gascoigne’s. It seemed fair though that in order to restore the balance something was required to levitate his birthday out of the doldrums and back into what scientists are now calling “Acebag Territory”.

How does one do this? It’s incredibly difficult to justify a birthday night out a full sixty four days after the day of the birthday itself. Luckily I’m not someone who feels the need to justify most of anything I do. So we did. The guest list was so exclusive only two people were invited. The timing was so tight there wasn’t enough time for pre-drink drinks or post-drink drinks. It was straight into the drinks. Here are a list of things we learned:

  1. For the first two or three bars we witnessed several common phenomena which continued to repeat itself. Whichever place we went to would eventually have most of the patrons gone by the time we left. We also ran into pairs of lesbians as well as several other people who caught the same train into Leeds as we did.
  2. Johnny Bobbins runs the tiny ticket desk at Leeds train station. When you don’t get a chance to buy a ticket on a train you have to visit his window where he uses his ticket machine from 1975 to produce one for you so you can get through the barriers. Kev has absolutely no respect for Johnny Bobbins. I do, but only so far as where his job is concerned. When he dresses up as a sexy witch I draw the line; whatever he wants to do in his free time is nothing to do with me.
  3. The title for the evening was not decided properly until after the evening was over.
  4. No matter where I go, no matter what I’m doing, I still seem to be able to attract both people I know and strangers. In this instance it was a guy from Hull for giving some change to a homeless man, a woman I work with also on a night out in Leeds and then some guy advertising a strip club who insisted he could help us get in with his help. I know I’m pushing 30 but I think I could make it down the steps unaided.
  5. Don’t snaffle a full bag of Doritos after excessive drinking; it’ll make your mouth extra furry in the morning.
  6. The Mixing Tin does no longer exist, and hasn’t for some time. Getting a drink there was excessively hard.

It’s clear that this should therefore be a regular thing. I invite everyone reading this to sign up for next year’s entry in the hope of broadening the horizons of the Kevindo Menendez Birthday Memorial Tribute Night Out.

Broaden indeed.

8 comments on “The Kevindo Menendez Birthday Memorial Tribute Night Out – 2014 Edition

  • Even though I was not able to attend The Kevindo Menendez Birthday Memorial Tribute Night Out, this post is sufficiently detailed that I now feel like I did actually attend and when I attempt to remember last Saturday night I now remember The Kevindo Menendez Birthday Memorial Tribute Night Out and not whatever I was actually doing.

  • Fake memories. You’re just like Arnold Schwartzkopf in ‘Total Recall’. Have you ever gotten your sorry ass to mars and met a woman with three shirt potatoes?

  • That’s a big nen to both those questions.

    Though actually, I can’t trust my memory any more. Maybe I have. I probably have.

  • I once met a man who saw a napkin sketch of a vole making a cake with a pattern on the side that resembled you doing those very things. So it must be true.

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