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“Brothers and sisters…

… When I woke up one morning, the sun’s rays met my whiskers and gave me a smile that could not be broken. When I awoke another morning, I felt these joys amplified because another one of our lost brothers has been found. Another kitty has been returned to the fold. Though he may flop more than the others, though he may not be as robust as those who sitĀ above me, he is still one of us.

May you take this moment to love and understand the newest member of the Kitty Committee. May you speak fondly of him to your closest work colleagues and occasionally send him fan mail.

As always, we are always recruiting so if you wish to join for the pursuit of naps and purrs do get in touch.”

9 comments to The Kitty Committee – update

  • This is wonderful news.

    For the hard of thinking, could you remind us of the full list of kitties you now possess?

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    The list is as follows:

    Flat Kitty – original, the best
    Tiger Kitty – second in command
    Morange Kitty (nickname Maurice) – nothing was ever more morange.
    Floppy Kitty – previous a hot water bottle cover.

  • Wonderful. What a kitty selection. A kitty for every occasion. Assuming, of course, that the four possible occasions are “flat”, “tiger”, “floppy” and “morange”.

  • Ahem. Please credit the original finder of Tiger Kitty. Thank you.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    It’s not a case of who found them, Madge. If that’s all you care about then yes, yes it was Madge who found Tiger Kitty (at Tynemouth market I believe). And for the record I found the original Flat Kitty in a charity shop in Garforth and Emma found both Morange and Floppy Kitty in charity shops in Newcastle. So there, I think that’s everything.

  • What about me? Can I have some credit?

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    You can have credit for being you. Well done for you. Look at you!

  • Hooray! Thanks. Yes, well done me.

    Also: well done the kitty committee. Kev might not understand their importance but I do. All hail the KC.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    I’ve already applauded you on another post. That’s enough of that.

    What Kev doesn’t know is a lot, and let’s keep it that way.

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