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“Da da de something something da,” as the song goes, “viva España!” Well, I am in Spaiñ now and it certainly seems to still be viving tolerably well.

This is a flying visit to a far-off land, so in many ways my assessment of the country and its people may be hasty or perhaps based on an incomplete assessment of the facts. But I see no reason why that should stop me passing judgement on the place.

So far, the main thing I have noticed are the number of English people here. English people appear to be not only visiting, but also living here and running almost all the businesses. I am growing concerned for the safety and welfare of the 46 million people who are native to Spain because as far as I can tell they are not here and I find myself wondering where they are.

Aside from that, the weather here seems nice and it is easier to procure bacon sandwiches, beefburgers and a decent curry than in the UK, so on the whole this place has its upsides. The downside appears to be that, if we leave the European Union, we will also leave behind most of the population of England.

13 comments on “Trekkin’ Abroad – Spain

  • I’m not sure your downside is an actual downside….
    Also, and let’s be very clear on this, you’re not really in Spain.

  • I remember when this did happen. I think it happened recently but don’t quote me on that.

  • Yes you did. What happened is that you didn’t go on holiday with your lovely girlfriend, I did. You spent it trapped in a cupboard trying to power a torch with lemon juice.

  • Yes it did. You managed to concoct a battery that lasted for 47 minutes, which was just enough time to read a short postcard I’d sent to you telling you what a great time I was having.

  • You once sent me a long postcard and I read the whole thing. That was nine days of my life I won’t be getting back. It was worse than one of your books.

  • So what you’re saying is that you’d love an invite to the launch of my next book,’Grappling with the Gates of Me: an intimate story of personal rreimbursement.’?

  • Sorry, I seem to be struggling to remember this myself.
    First of all I’m lovely, apparently, so that’s nice. Did we have a lovely time?
    I eagerly await my next holiday invite!

  • We did have a lovely time. We erm danced some flamenco dancing and ate a lot of tapas. Then I wrestled with a bull (?) and ran with some pandas.

  • In some ways you were (because a stuck a photocopy of your face over the market seller who sold me chinchillas). But in most ways you were not.

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