20 comments on “Vera-dactyl

  • Nay, it’s Brenda Blethyn who plays Vera in North East based ITV cop drama ‘Vera’.

  • Oh man. That’s far too on the fashions for me. That’s right on them. I’m not on the Vera fashions at all.

  • She could have been any of a number of Veras: Vera Duckworth, Vera Wang, Vera Lynn etc.

    I wouldn’t fashions punish yourself too much.

  • You wrote “etc” there, as though there were more Veras, but I’m not sure there are. I think that’s all the Veras.

  • I’m sure there’s much many more Veras that we haven’t considered. I’m going to do some research, possibly for a really boring future Beans post.

  • I’d like that. It will need to be illustrated, too, using one of those strange “pic-collage” things you do.

  • I have my methods, my shoddy, free methods.

    Let me do some Bank Holiday research and I’ll come back to you.

  • It was supposed to be a scarf but it could be either.

    My only question would be ‘what is a scarf of does?’

  • A scarf of does is a scarf, meaning a neck-swaddler or “warmdrape”, belonging to a number of does, or female deer. Deer traditionally collectivise ownership of their belongings as, like many herd animals, they are communists.

  • No, they’re not stuck together. Where did you get the idea they’re fastened together? That’s not what communism is.

  • Ian doesn’t do politics, probably just as well really. We can’t have him roaming the streets, glueing people together willy-nilly.

  • Is it worth us going back to deal with Ian’s belief that caramel is a “natural adhesive”, or should we just move on?

  • I don’t know if that’s a yes or a no, so I’m just going to say this: please keep your trousers on. Do not remove your trousers. There is no need for your trousers to be removed.

  • As long as your “ploughing”, and I shudder to think what that might entail, is done with your trousers on, then yes, I think we will all be broadly OK.

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