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There is a war on the horizon.

If you squint for long enough you can see them, dressed in their white lab coats, wafting beakers and bunsen burners around like slices of cheese. Science is in the air, an unmistakable smell that burns and pleases the nostrils in equal measures. There are three factions battling for the lauded position of Kings and Queens of Science. It will be long and it will be bloody. Not everyone will make it through, oh yes, there will be casualties. You best call your loved ones now because you’re definitely going to be late home tonight.

Real science has no place here. That’s a whole different category of its own so it’s staying on the sidelines, cheering on the pretenders and secretly laughing to itself about the whole affair. It’s brought a bag of Haribo and it doesn’t plan on sharing it with anyone else. Behind a veil of thin mist, and a long black trench coat, it nibbles on fried eggs and cola bottles without the surrounding crowd realising what is going on.

So who are these people, these candidates of coercion and comprehension? Pull up a beanie and let’s get started:

  • We Are Scientists

    Not only making a bold claim in their band name alone, ‘We Are Scientists’ are also in the running for best album cover ever for their debut ‘With Love and Squalor’. It’s got so many kitties I lost my shit several times writing this post. So there’s a lot of moxie coming from these Californian power pop masters, the only problem is that none / neither of them are actual scientists. The name was chosen after being mistaken for scientists after taking a rental truck back to the depot. Pop music was never the place a ground for things that made sense. There’s no truth in any of this but, damn, can they write catchy as hell songs.

  • We Are Science

    I actually made a bit of a mistake here. I was under the impression that comedian Marcus Brigstocke had a short-lived science program called ‘We are Science’ which lampooned science for laughs. It was actually called ‘We are History’ and had nothing to do with it so they’re automatically disqualified for not being the thing that I thought it was. Bastards.

  • Nina and the Neurons

    Kids TV can’t keep up anymore which is why the BBC and ITV gave up on it in the afternoons and shoved it onto either early morning slots that nobody knows about or digital channels that you can stream at any hour of the day. When Reuben was small, we would occasionally watch ‘Nina and the Neurons’ because it had bright, colourful graphics and was educational in a non-boring way. It also had, because you cannot get past my troubled history of fancying women on TV, a very attractive host in the guise of Katrina Bryan who, with her Scottish accent and being in front of my eyes, kept my attention. After a very quick check on the good ole’ Google pegs, I cannot see any scientific qualifications to her name. This is further cemented by the fact that she played a pregnant lady in a banned advert for Irn Bru where the dad is slowly coming around to the idea of calling his daughter Fanny by drinking the aforementioned drink. She played a character who was a scientist; good actress, bad science. The only things here are japes and sex appeal.

  • Me and Kev

    I got a ‘D’ in my Chemistry A Level.

    Kev has a Twitter account called ‘Wrong Science’.

I think we know who won this.

11 comments on “War of Science

  • I’m not sure who’s won this, but I bet it’s not so ridiculously obvious that it’s one of the people you listed. Therefore I think I won it.

    I look forward to my science prize.

  • I’ll take those. Is there a cash prize?

    It’s nice to see Mr Choosy Chagrin back in business after all this time, by the way, and even nicer to see him giving me prizes. He’s a man with taste.

  • Mr Choosy Chagrin spent a lot of lockdown not being choosy about matters because he had no choice and had to sit indoors. When they eased the restrictions he flew over to Morrisons and took four hours picking out a set of colouring pencils.

  • Okay, let’s break that sentence down with analysis:

    1. “My” – as in yours as in belongs to you, that is correct.
    2. Well-deserved – that remains to be seen.
    3. Cash – no.
    4. Prize – no.
    5. Might not be on the way – something will be on the way but it probably won’t be cash.

  • Your reply contained a lot of negativity. In fact I’m inclined to say that you were not being particularly complimentary about the prospects of my cash prize at all. But then you saved it at the end with your cheeky hint that something is indeed on the way, and now I am aglow once more with hope.

    I’m hoping it’s a giant cheque like they used to hand out in telethons in the 90s, but if it’s not I won’t be disappointed.

  • Yep. That would be fine. I can arrange my own “cheque handing over” ceremony, as long as the cheque arrives.

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