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Way back at the start of the year, when we all excitedly built our, now legendary, lego pouring beans calendars, we all deiscovered the small but important flaw that not all the pages actually fit inside.

At the time I shoved in all those that fit, and the rest went in the luxurious golden box it was delivered in. (Which incidentally, still smells of whatever magic they put into laser printers to make colours stick to paper).

Well at the start of the month, the time came when that initial tranche of pages ran out. Giddy, I opened the gold box and wanged in the rest of the year, only to discover it was too baggy and they all fell out every time I moved the thing.

Modifications were needed, and modifications were made…

The holey-bit was trimmed down by removing two layers of the thin bits, and thus a perfect fit was once again achieved.

Don’t worry though, this being Lego, all the spare bits are safely stored on the back.

They’re all ready to be re-fitted when next years calendar refill-block duly arrives from Chris at Christmas.

10 comments on “Calendar Conversion

  • Obviously this is why the calendar holder had a layer of flat pieces, because I anticipated this problem at the outset. You’re welcome.

  • Excellent work.

    You know you’ll be producing these blocks for the rest of your life now don’t you? You DO realise that’s what you signed up for.

  • Unfortunately I don’t have access to your sweaty lyrics, and there’s no way of putting the sound of a ringing bell on a calendar page.

  • Of course there is:


    That’s one problem solved right there. You can also crack off a couple of Kev’s post / not post of nothing on a few days if you’re struggling.

  • Yes, actually, I do, though it convenes only when required.

    Chairman: Chris5156
    Vice-Chairperson: Christo M. Fury
    Members: Chris, Voley Mofo, Chrissy Biznickle
    Secretary: Christopher J. Mackshall

  • Yep. A whole lot of me deciding what goes in and what’s not good enough. If it wasn’t already clear why the calendar shows me in a very flattering light while basically trashing both your reputations, now you know.

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