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It’s now thirteen years since I first had a phone with a camera built into it and decided that I wanted all my phone contacts to be associated with photos of that person on the phone, so when my phone rang it looked like I could see them on the phone.

Since I didn’t get pictures of anyone hanging up, I can only assume these sad, lonely ghosts of 2005 are still on the line, listening to an engaged signal, patiently waiting to talk to me.

I will not answer you, ghosts of the past. Stop calling me.

22 comments on “2005 calling

  • My favourite is Alex who’s clearly struggling to work out whether he’s happy or extremely pissed off that you’re not picking up.

  • My least favourite is my face. I think I had the same image of Ian on my phone for quite some time.

    Are these still in use?

  • Your face is a very young face.

    These are not still in use, except for the purpose of taking up space on my hard disk in a long-forgotten folder.

  • The first two were from 2004, and are at the full resolution they are stored in. It really was an exciting time for contact image camera phone based tech!

  • I still have the swiftest hair. I think that makes me happy.

  • The swiftest hair? I don’t know if your hair is particularly swift in the picture Kev posted. Snazzy, perhaps.

  • It’s only swift because of the angles. There’s nothing swifter than my hair. I’ve got awards.

    (Thanks for the snazzy compliment though, Chris)

  • What awards? Swift hair awards? I watch the annual Swiftest Hair Awards broadcast live from Hollywood and I’ve never seen you on the stage holding a Golden Hairy.

  • That’s the global annual Swiftest Hair Awards. I am the regional Tyne and Wear champion for the last three years. I do personal appearances all the time. Last week I was visiting one of Kevin’s new poodle grooming parlours in Middlesbrough…

  • *nice alliteration*

    Nah, we’re starting rumours again that he’s starting it up again because he wants to get back into the business again because he misses it too much again.

  • Yes to all those questions, especially the first one.

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