15 comments on “Episode 9: Cake & Cricket

  • The strange thing is I’ve actually seen an Indian film about cricket but it’s not that one. It was called ‘Lagaan’ and I ended up watching the whole thing.

  • I have now listened to the first two minutes, after which I had to stop it because I was laughing uncontrollably in a very crowded tube carriage. It was the jaffanaff that finished me off.

  • I was on the sofa listening to it, so nobody had to listen to my loud Jimmy Carr-esque chortle bouncing around the room.

    I like us. We talk about good things.

  • We do. And it’s only because of our wide-ranging expertise in many fields of human endeavour that we can hold such informed and enlightening conversations as this one. What other group could speak with such towering authority about both cake and cricket?

  • No-one. Ever. It is us and only us who have ever bridged the two topics together. It’s such an obvious pairing though I am surprised nobody has ever done it before.


  • I think it’s also very impressive that we’re able to display such a great sensitivity to Indian language and culture in this discussion.


  • We could do this with most topics. I bet we’d equally breeze through a conversation about tonic water and Iceland.

  • I’d say we should shake hands. I would say that we should shake hands. We should s-hake hands. Not that we will, because we won’t.


  • You’re right. In fact this conversation will continue, if indeed it can continue, as if in the gap between these two comments we shook hands.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Bliss.

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