Avatar Beans 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey: Results

Last month, Pouring Beans conducted a vast survey of all its regular users and contributors, with a lengthy survey form circulated to everyone involved in the site. Since then, our data analysis specialists, Wainscotting Wainscotting and Feeble Ltd., have been running the responses to the survey through a computer that occupies a large data centre just outside Neasden.

The response was immense – two people completed the form – and now I’m pleased to present to you the full results of that survey in a single, easy to read chart.

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took part. I think we can all take a great deal from these results. Hopefully it will help The Beans to improve even further in future.

When discussing these results on social media, which I’ve no doubt you will, please use the hashtag #pouringbeans2015customersatisfactionsurveyresults.

17 comments on “Beans 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey: Results

  • That’s a little cumbersome. What about #pb2015cssr instead?

  • Wow. Just wow. I have learn so much from this. It will really help when writing future articles. Wainscotting Wainscotting and Feeble have earned their fee right there.

  • No. Please use the official designated hashtag. Using a different hashtag would clearly reduce our impact on social media and devalue our brand identity.

  • I have learn so much?

    There’s nothing devaluing about my hashtag. My hashtag is vibrant and stimulating.

  • Are your kids better at grammar than Kevin?

    I think he must have been distracted. He does do a lot of different projects in his house at the same time. I think he told me the other day he was chammoxing his winchesters and dusting the window spatches.

  • The thing is, Kev’s grammar is perfectly good. He just has trouble typing properly when he’s trying to plaster his alcoves with the other hand.

  • Sometimes he also watches ‘The Quest’ at the same time. FACT!

  • I would love to know a random fact from your Fact Pod, preferably one involving dolphins.

  • My kids, while not able to do much, can correctly form the past tense. Apart from done/did. It’s Essex law that you have to get those wrong.

    I have a fact for Chris’s fact pod. If you tip a sheep over it dies. Baaa.


    Ciabatta is not a traditional Italian bread. It was first baked in 1982.


  • Brisk. Just how I like my facts. Thank you, Fact Pod.

    (although it wasn’t about dolphins).

  • You said the dolphin thing was preferable and not mandatory. I adjusted the dials on the Fact Pod accordingly.

  • No it’s fine, I’m more than happy with the fact that you’ve provided.

    (although it wasn’t about dolphins).

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