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There’s not a person alive who doesn’t like Trevor Eve. I mean what is there not to like? He’s been in everything from ‘Murder She Wrote’ to ‘Waking the Dead’ to ‘Ivana Trump’s For Love Alone’ (I must admit that the last one has escaped my attention but Amazon seem to have an alarming number of copies in stock). What does the world need? It needs a game that incorporates the best elements of Trevor Eve. It needs the “That’s Not Trevor Eve” game.


2 to 4


A television
A program with Trevor Eve in
Shots (optional)

What To Do

Turn the television on and switch to the channel that the program with Trevor Eve in is on. You must ensure that it is a program that doesn’t just have Trevor Eve, such as his one man stage production of Eve: A Trevor Eve Musical. That won’t work. Whenever someone who isn’t Trevor Eve comes on the screen you must shout, “That’s not Trevor Eve!” as loud as possible. Whenever Trevor Eve comes on the screen you must shout, “That’s Trevor Eve!” at the top of your voice. You may also take a shot after every acknowledgement of Trevor Eve providing you have previously uttered the aforementioned notification.

The game ends when the program ends and Trevor Eve no longer has a chance of popping up on the television. The person who has noticed Trevor Eve the most wins.

17 comments on “The “That’s Not Trevor Eve” Game

  • You must know Trevor Eve. It’s Trevor Eve. THE Trevor Eve.

  • No. He appears to be so little-known that even though his name appears 23 times on this page I’ve still never heard of him.

  • If I keep saying Trevor Eve will that help to jog your memory?

  • It doesn’t seem to. I don’t have any memories of him, you see, only memories of you talking about someone who may well be just a figment of your troubled imagination.

  • I think you’ll find that what I think I’m thinking about does not constitute a reference in any way shape or form to Trevor Eve…


  • Well that’s good. I for one am tired of you making references to someone I’ve literally never heard of before.

  • Is it Johnny Bobbins? No wait, that’s Kevin’s mortal enemy. He does get mentioned quite a bit though. I think he’s obsessed.

  • Why don’t you ask the Wheel of Thrusting (TM)? That might be able to point you in the right direction.

  • The Wheel of Thrusting (TM) just says “Thrusting to Bing Crosby = No”. I’m pretty sure that your references are not about Bing Crosby so this wasn’t any help at all.

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