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  • Can I just say what a pleasure it is, on a website that normally involves so much squabbling and unnecessary ribbing, to see a young man so joyful and overwhelmed by the simple pleasure of learning, and setting such a good example to the rest of us. It warms my heart. Thank you.

  • I hope your kids, at least the ones that aren’t falling out of windows, really take a lot from this poster. Their futures are assured with this in their lives.

  • I’ll have my class reciting it tomorrow morning!
    Unfortunately, there aren’t many left as most have fallen out of the window. The supply wasn’t very good yesterday. We’re many men down.

  • Can you get a fresh supply of children from the shop if you run out?

  • There are many more victims on the waiting list. I mean children! There are more children on the waiting list! Of course there are, we’re an outstanding school don’t you know?!

  • There’s a waiting list for bring pushed out a window? I never knew it was so popular.

  • What?! The clock until I get sick of your terribly humour?
    Haha! (I’m just bitter because I have been working for 4 hours on a SUNDAY!)

  • You should put your words on a poster to encourage others to become teachers.

    The clock he’s referring to is a game developed by the Beans collective. He now has one hour to crack another two dad jokes. The problem is if he’s successful we’re not sure if he’s won or lost…

  • I think really you both lost and won because life is not about winning or losing it’s about losing and winning but learning to move on either if you win or lose.

  • They say that girls go for men who remind them of their fathers…

  • It’s true, we’re always commenting on how much like a Jewish accountant Chris is.
    He even has a dreidel with an abacus built into it.

  • I thought I had the exclusive rights to ply with his dreidel. Can’t believe you’ve all seen it too!


  • If Chris wants to ply his dreidel then that’s his business.

    I bet THAT lifts his skirt an all.

  • Oh if it hasn’t already it will definitely lift your skirt when you click the above link (this is definitely not spam by the way).

    Or is it? Am I spam?

  • OK, I remember that song. I think that was so long ago that it was when I still watched South Park.

    I am pleased to confirm to everyone that not only does plying with a dreidel not lift my skirt, but I’m not actually wearing a skirt. That’s how you can see so much of my stunning, shapely legs. Look.

    *swings leg onto table*

  • Good god man. This is a civilised place, go and put on some trousers. Or a skirt. Whichever you prefer. (We all know you favour a skirt)

  • If Chris didn’t wear a skirt then I’d lost my handle on this crazy whipped cream dream called life.

  • Darn, why didn’t I get a photo of Chris in his skirt last night?! He looked SO GOOD in it! I think he secretly works out to tone his legs.

  • That didn’t sound like the voice of denial. Chris, you’re a massive skirt wearer.

  • Tell me what you have learn. Were you successful in learn that Chris wears skirts?

  • This conversation has come full circle, like a hedgepig doing the shopping.

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