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I wrote a thing for a blog site that gets even more people visiting and posting comments than The Beans, if you can believe such a thing.

You can read it by clicking on these words, or these words, or this letter Q, but not these words, or this asterisk: *

This post is not just blatantly self-promoting and aggrandizing, but also rather lazily adding to my Bean Count for this month on a day where I clearly couldn’t think of anything better to post.

Now go! Go and bask in my reflected glory! Go and revel in the euphoria and majesty that is me!

21 comments on “Gratuitous self-promotion

  • There’s a lot of words in that. I almost thought I saw the word “ming” but I was mistaken and therefore disappointed.

  • The official count has to be lots because that’s what I’ve decided. There’s no other way of working it out. None at all.

  • Make it a loosh one. There’s nothing I like more than a loosh spreadsheet.

  • I’m happy to go with the majority. Does anyone else have any input?

  • I’m very surprised and a little disappointed. I was hoping someone else might have come forward. I’m clearly not as popular as I thought I was.

    Can I have a louche spreadsheet then?

  • Have one printed on special paper, and if you can make it a pop up version. I like pop up spreadsheets. In short, WOW me.

  • You should know that should I not be wowed there’s a strong chance you’ll be shoved in the character hatch.

  • It’s too late. It’s been too long. I had to say something…

  • How DARE you threaten me with the Character Hatch (TM)? That place is for unwanted fictional creations whereas I, on the other hand, am horrifyingly and disappointingly real. That Hatch is not to be opened, not ever.

  • In the words of Will Smith, “Watch out before you get bum rushed by the Character Hatch (TM)”.

  • I didn’t quite understand the significance of the giant mechanical spiders but artistic licence and all that.

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