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Carrying on my trend for utilising other people’s work in my own posts (Chris, clearly you’re next), as promised here is the second song in a collection which is steadily showing improvement in both tone, texture and content. The rhymes, though simple, display a mature approach to song-writing. The universal themes everyone can identify with. It is a cornucopia of marvels, a stimulating ensconcing whirlpool of wonder, a haven for intellectual satisfaction on a grand scale.

Presented in its original form, sup deep from the cup of lyrical nourishment:

Jumped of a Train

Chourus – I jumped of a train. I ended in the rain and I was fuLL of pain.

Yestersterday I got mugged by an eel,
It wasent a fair deal
I didn’t have a meal

— Chourus —

On my birthday, all I ate was hay,
A Horse came along but he didn’t singe me a song
But he did a big pong

— Chourus —

So I jumped of a train x 4

My life’s such a pain.

I only wish the Beatles could have written something as timeless as this.

23 comments on “Unknown Pleasures (again)

  • How sensational is that spelling of ‘yesterday’ though? It takes a certain someone to misspell a word THAT much. I’m deeply proud.

  • “Yestersterday”. It presumably refers to the day before yesterday. Just as “yesterstersterday” refers to the day before that.

  • So just as tomoms refers to tomorrow equally tomomoms could refer to the day after tomorrow.

    I can see the world in a whole new light.

  • I have sent an urgent telegram to the head of the Nobel Prize Winning Awards committee. I expect a response within 60 working days.

    I have three drama certificates you know.

  • I think they’ll erect a statue with Reuben’s song written on a plaque at the bottom. In fact I know that they will, and if they don’t I will kick off Big Willie Style.

  • Was Big Willie known for kicking off? I thought he was more about the Gettin Jiggy Wit It.

    He may also have been involved in the wicky wicky wah wah wicky wicky wicky wah wicky wicky wah wild west, but I don’t think he likes to go on about it much.

  • I don’t know. He mentioned it a lot “back in theday” yet since then nothing. I think he may have forgotten. I’ll have to write him some correspondence with me feet.

  • Even we do bet… nah, not even I could finish that sentence. Sigh.

  • We are sort on the same le… * bwa ha ha ha *

    Maybe Chris could have a go.

  • OK, I’ve been limbering up, and I think I’m ready.

    Even Big Willie Style himself would have to admit that our rapping is b

    Is b

    Is at least as g

    No. I’m sorry. I tried and I just can’t.

  • Maybe Elena could say it? Though she would have to be exposed to The Rapples first.(fnah fnah!)

  • Then you shouldn’t listen to The Rapples as that’d push you WELL over the edge

  • So I’ve heard. Perhaps I’ll leave it til Chris and I have more stable foundations. As in, I am tied to something so I can’t run away after hearing it.

  • That would definitely be necessary. If I were playing it to you, I wouldn’t stick around for long after pressing “play”. I’d be gone.

  • The memory of last night comes to mind:
    “Chris is brilliant, he doesn’t like football or video games!”
    “So what does he do?”

  • He writes gratuitous articles about roads and then gratuitously self promotes them. I think most people could might understand that.

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