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  • Good work by Dr Kev. Look forward to reading his article in The Lancet.

  • I have read everything Dr Kev, Science Master, has ever written. Sadly I’m at work and cannot watch this. Could you provide an account of the events of the video in the written format?

  • I remember that. I was there. Remembering is fun.

    You can’t leave now! There’s so much in store to enjoy… surely?

  • Perhaps I’ll just wash this vision out of my eyes and mind…..and don’t call me Surely..!

  • What’s the vision you have a problem with? Is it Ian in bed?

    Nobody needs to see that. Be grateful you’ve never witnessed his fluffy pants.

  • My last message to Kev on Whatsapp says, “I’m wearing stretchy Batman pants. Sadly not. Get your sorry ass out of bed.”

  • That’s enough to make anyone wash their eyes out. Clothe yourself at once, sir, in many thick and demure layers.

  • I’m brimming with layers right now. If I was Spartan royalty you could call me King Many Layers (Ba dum chish!)

  • Woe betide you both!

    Clearly my highbrow humour is too much for some people…

  • Tchuh. Not another King Menelaus joke. You’re always cracking them off. Usually whilst wafting your fluffy pants.

  • I’m always cracking them off. If I didn’t you wouldn’t know that I am me.

  • I’m glad somebody got the joke. But was it a dad joke? If it was, Ian’s hour has been and gone without anyone ringing the bell.

  • Sorry, what?
    Can you discuss something that is accessible to me? My brain hurts and I need the joys that Beans brings me (seeing as Christopher has blanked me ALL DAY, he brings NO JOY to my life).

  • … the Beans brings joy? To someone who isn’t us? Well if that isn’t a reason for cracking off the good times bell I don’t know what is. I presume we have one of those too


  • I’m pretty sure that when we built the New Beans we installed a whole bell tower. I seem to remember Kev on the phone to Bells R Us saying something like “we’ve got 300 square feet up there and I want it stuffed with every kind of bell known to man, money is no object”. So I’m pretty sure there is a good times bell. I’m not sure how you’d find it. Maybe they’re labelled.

    That was back in the days before Kev turned away from the wider world and dedicated himself to renovating his own house, of course.

  • Oh yeah, the bell tower. But isn’t that on the other side of the Character Hatchâ„¢?

  • Renovating his house has made Kev the man or man thing he is today. It’s just a shame they built a wind farm so close to it and ruined all his hard work.

  • Too late! He’s pretty bee-tastic right about now.

  • You know for all the flack you give them, they’re always telling me how much they like you.

  • Do you like the fact that it takes nine letters to make the word ‘wind farms’?

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