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Friendships are supposed to last a lifetime. Friendships are the glue that hold together the people you know and without them we’d all be strangers wearing sunglasses trying to buy scouring pads. Nobody would expect a friendship to last a mere 24 hours and yet for it to mean so much.

Juggy was more than a friend. In the short space of time that we spent together it was obvious that he was more than a jug too. Juggy transcended the norm and exceeded all expectations.

What started out as a clearing out exercise at Kevin’s house, where he was sifting some carpets and buffing the parapets when I arrived, quickly turned into one of the moments that stay with you forever. Juggy met me with a high five and shortly after were cruising down to Stockport, singing along to the mix CD Kev had made when he wasn’t milking the rafters.

Juggy loved to sing. Not only this but he encouraged us to join in. He was the life and soul of the party, and when we actually reached the party he also became the loul and sife of the party too. So it was with a heavy heart that, learning of someone’s need for a jug, I handed him over to serve a greater cause. It was clear that it was destiny that Juggy came with us in order to help another’s plight and without him that person would have had to go to Wilkinsons to buy one. It was too much. I only have this photo to remember him by but, my God, he was one hell of a guy.

Here’s to you, Juggy. Salute!


10 comments on “Best Fwends

  • A lot of people have suggested this and even whilst I typed it I could see the rumour mill turning. I’ll have nothing said against him though; you’re just jealous he wasn’t your fwend.

  • He was a good man was Juggy, I’ll not have his good name besmirched.

  • Kevin knew him from the good old days. Don’t be rocking the boat. Haters gonna hate etc.

  • He’ll be coming over all Big Man again soon, strutting around, flashing his porridge loyalty card. Juggy would be very disappointed.

  • I bet he uses that loyalty card to try to get a free lunch, when he’s strutting around with his big shoes and his braces. Oh what a life he leads.

  • You’re both so defensive. It’s obvious that something was going on with Juggy. A jiggy Juggy threesome, no doubt.

  • Sounds like a case to me of the J to the E to the L to the Envs. It’s sad that you can take something so honest and turn it into a joke. You sicken me.

  • You can’t spell ‘jug’ without ‘ujg’. When you take that into consideration everything makes perfect sense.

    I’m so stupid, I’ve only just realised this! Dear oh dear.

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